Bobo levels up – Amusement park development at Hotel Kolping

Bobo levels up – Amusement park development at Hotel Kolping

19. 05. 2020.

Hotel Kolping is only for small children? We grew out of it? But we’d still like to come…! Big kids, check this out!

In 2021, we would like to surprise our guests with a significant development, the details of which we revealed to members of the press and to other guests.

According to our plans, Bobo Fun Park will open to the public in the summer of 2021. After the groundbreaking ceremony the development is progressing according to schedule. Our staff, being used to constant hotel developments, particularly enjoys that this construction doesn’t take place in the middle of the hotel building, but in the farthest corner of the huge park. Those who visit the go-kart tracks regularly know this place quite well, we started this project far enough from the rooms and other event locations.

Our aim is to create a unique indoor amusement park. The target age group is 5-15 years old, but there will be plenty of games for toddlers too. The building will include an event hall that fits 200 people. The amusement park mainly promotes active recreation, where guests can test their courage and skills, and they can use modern electronic devices. The groundbreaking ceremony was preceded by thorough research. A team of international designers assembled to reach success. At least 25 different adventure-elements will be found in the 2800 m2 area of the facility. BOBO FUN PARK warmly welcomes outsiders as well as hotel guests. We hope the project will be a popular travel destination from the Balaton region and from across the borders too.


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Google, 23. February 2020

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