Child-friendly hotel - Preschool fun (3-6 years)

Help, I have a lively kindergartener, but I still want a vacation!

Children never want to rest, why would they want to do so for a family vacation? We know that parents often have a hard time keeping up with all the bustle. In our child-friendly hotel, there's always something exciting happening to keep the children occupied.

Boboland, the world of play

Boboland is not just a classic playground, it's an entire play-world with multiple rooms where all the kids have something to play with, whether they want to build, cook, or imagine something else. It's easy to find friends to play with, or to explore the indoor, two-story playground together. Besides Bobo, the heart and soul of the kindergarten is teacher Andi's team, who come up with creative crafting ideas and playful exercises for every day of the year. For sunny days, the huge park offers many adventures: playgrounds, pedal go-karts, a children's rope course and trampolines... No child will be bored here!

Ready, steady, water!

Dive in, slide in, splash it around; a kindergartener feels best when around water. In our child-friendly aqualand, the kiddie pool has a snake-slide twisting around, and the water playground is always loud with water gun fights. In the adventure pool the whole family can be together, and in the summer, the bath's area nearly doubles with the opening of the outdoor pools. Between two soaks, it feels great to unwind in the family sauna, or to watch a short cartoon in the upstairs mini-cinema.

Family suite - because you're worth it!

Arriving to our family suites is an experience in itself with the interactive hallway leading to it. If you want it so, the bedroom can be the parents' world only. For the children, we provide a separate, colorful room with a bunk bed, ideal for late-night pillow fights.

We provide child-friendly equipment for every room - you don't even need to ask!

In every room:
  • baby bed with bed-linen
  • changing station
  • baby bath
  • potty
  • toilet training seat
  • stool for reaching the sink
  • child-proof sockets
  • microwave oven
In addition in family suites:
  • separate, colorful kid's room
  • built-in babyphone
  • minikitchen with a microwave oven, sink and bottle warmer
  • high chair
  • stroller
Available at the reception desk (in limited numbers):
  • stroller
  • baby stroller
  • back carrier
  • bicycles with child seat and child bikes
  • babyphone
  • night lights
  • bottle warmer
  • bed rail
  • non-slip bath mat

Vacation for mom and dad

There's no break in parenting. Therefore, those rare moments of not having to mind the children can feel wonderful. Our qualified kindergarten teachers look after children aged 3 or above for 8 hours a day, so spend this time on yourself or with your partner. Swim a few laps in the pool, go to the sauna, get a spa treatment, or even a massage for couples! Every choice is relaxing and refreshing.


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“The services for children together with the facilities and the organised programs for children let you switch off from the weekdays.”


TripAdvisor, 24. January 2019

  • Our new spot for the kids is now open! Get ready for some open-air fun.

    Can a concrete pavement capture your child’s attention, after all the high-tech gadgets? We think so!

  • Summer vacation is over, but it is a new beginning for us...

    While at the end of the vacation, everyone says goodbye to summer, we don’t stop, not for a minute. We get into our stride in the middle of an exciting development phase.