Double playground inauguration

Double playground inauguration

06. 04. 2023.
We delivered the new playgrounds at Easter.

The playground in the Kolping Hotel park has been moved to a new location and replaced by a brand new one. The youngest guests have been watching a team of men ‘playing’ a giant game of building blocks for weeks. The small crowd was kept busy for a while by the sight of backhoes and other exciting machinery, but everyone was eager to see when the new toys would be available to try.

Spring break greeted us with an icy wind, but not even that could stop the enthusiastic team from fulfilling its mission. The captain (hotel manager Csaba Baldauf) and his sailors (the children of the staff) climbed together on the giant boat that ‘sailed’ into the middle of the park.

As befits a real boat launch, even a bottle of drink was smashed against the side of the boat. Of course, as with everything at Kolping Hotel, this was also done in a child-friendly fashion. It wasn't shards of glass flying around, as the christening bottle was a bottle-shaped block of ice. The pieces simply melted away after landing on the ground.

The captain and Bobo, the hotel mascot, ceremoniously cut the ribbon and the trial run began. The children didn’t even notice the gloomy weather. They climbed up and down with great excitement, trying everything. And there was a lot to discover: the boat itself is home to many games and toys. One of the most popular elements has become a back and forth slide, which requires a bit of strength and skill. It was a real challenge even for the 8–10 year olds. They climbed up the pirate tower, raced down the zip-line, slid down the slides and tried all the special swings. The best thing is that most have to be used together with others, and that makes the game even better. Fortunately, there is always a playmate at Kolping Hotel.
After the trial run, the playground was open from Sunday, and as soon as the weather allowed, families spending Easter here took possession of it.

Those climbing up the big observation tower can actually see right across to the other playground. Once the kids have finished with all the games here, they can move on to the other one.
Among many other toys there, a giant jumping pillow is the biggest novelty. Like the best trampoline ever, but in the form of a cushion. Here it is also true that it’s better when many play together. And it's not a bad thing if the parents also get involved. Or more accurately, jump in.

As is typical of the Kolping team, we are always thinking about the next development. This time, it was the playgrounds’ turn. From several designs, we opted for this variation, which really appeals to older children and complements well the playground for younger children renovated 2 years ago. Now the kids can wander from playground to playground. They won't get bored, that's for sure. Good thing it's only a few steps out of the room and the game is on.


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