Special occasions, family celebrations

Experience, the best present

If there was a chart for birthday wishes, staying at Boboland would definitely finish in the top. We hear it all the time that spending time together is the present itself for our guests, but we think we can make it even more special... You only need to ask and we will decorate your room to your hearts content and leave a celebratory message in the daily Páhok Post.

Birthday cake with fireworks and surprise hippo cuddles

Our pastry chef knows exactly how a perfect children’s cake looks and isn’t afraid to make it. And when it comes to tastes, his excellence shines through: he makes gluten-, egg- or dairy-free cakes so no one is left out. But nothing ever beats the excitement when Bobó emerges with the cake sparkly from the fireworks and hands it over to the birthday girl or boy.

For all Bobo lovers

We are very aware that it is hard to find a child that would not want to take Bobó home, and even though that is not possible, we make sure that part of the kids’ birthday package tincludes a Bobó souvenir. You choose the one your child would love the most and we leave it in their room as a surprise.

  • Bottle of bubbly: a bottle of kids’ sparkling drink in the specifically decorated room
  • Bobo souvenir at arrival (while stocks last): a Bobo embroidered plush pillow • a Mimi embroidered plush pillow • a flask • a baby towel • Children's poncho up to 110cm • Bobbo or Mimi glitter tattoos • 
  • A specifically decorated dinner table on your child’s special day – when arriving for dinner please consult our colleagues in the restaurant
  • 6-person birthday cake with candles and fireworks
  • A bottle of kids’ bubbly to drink to everyone’s health
  • If requested, Bobo will toast your child on their birthday (6:45 p.m. – 7 p-m.) as well as you will find a celebratory message in the Páhok Post, the hotel’s daily newsletter
  • 1 non-alcoholic cocktail for the celebrant at Bobo Café and Bar
  • 1 gift Bobo Banko

Package price: 24 900 HUF

* Cake options: Belgian chocolate; Mimi classic (white chocolate and raspberries); yoghurt and fruit; Sacher torte (we can make it gluten or dairy free); Paleo chocolate cake with blueberries (gluten-, dairy- and egg-free)

Pampering session in Hanami

Even though as kids grow it gets harder and harder to find that special present, we thought, who doesn’t like a wellness treatment as a surprise? Chocolate face mask, painted nails, glitter tattoo with something sweet to finish everything off with and they will be over the moon. Would it be even better to go with a brother or sister, a parent or their best friend! Of course it would!

Adults included

A birthday or an anniversary looming? We know just what you need. Surprise your loved one with a bottle of wine, a bunch of flowers or a couple’s massage ritual. Spending an hour or two together, being pampered with no interruptions will be time fondly remembered in years to come.

How can we help?

Would you like to order from the holiday package offers above? All you need to do is to choose the package from the extra services at on-line booking and to provide the following details in the 'notes' field or in an e-mail:

  • Special person’s name
  • Special person’s age
  • The date of the celebration
  • The date for the celebration dinner
  • The chosen cake flavour
  • Chosen present

Please contact us with your requirements at least 3 days before the big day. The surprise will be automatically added to your overall bill, if you would like to choose a different payment method, please consult our colleagues upfront. We are happy to answer all your queries at sales@kolping.hotel.hu or call us on +36 83 344 143/extension 8.


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Summer vacation

From the Fairy Garden to the Adrenalin Arena

4.5 / 5


“Had a great week here in winter. We rented 1 of the houses. Which are spotless. And very child friendly. You can walk through a passage to the restaurant and swimming pool. Staff is friendly and attentive. The playground are professional and fun. The whole park looks very well maintained. Food in the restaurant is also very nice.”

Edwin Neger

Google, 12. February 2020

  • Double playground inauguration

    We delivered the new playgrounds at Easter.