Family suite plus


In addition to the benefits of a family suite, here grandparents or older sisters/brothers can also have a separate unit. In the 55-70 m2 family suite plus, near the practical bathroom and 2 bedrooms a really vivid and colourful kid's room has been designed for small children. So 2 adults and 4 to 5 children or up to 4 adults and 2 to 3 children can have a rest without disturbing each other. The suites are provided also with high chairs and strollers, what more, a warning kitchen helps in taking care of babies in 24 hours.

What are guaranteed in our family suites?

balcony ● bathroom with shower, toilet and hairdryer ● bathroom towels ● adult bathrobes ● TV ● telephone ● laptop safe ● minibar ● free Wi-Fi ● air conditioning in summer

In addition, for comfortable child care and safety:

In all family suites
  • accessories depending on the age (baby bed with bed-linen / extra bed, changing station, potty, toilet training seat, stool for reaching the basin)
  • child-proof sockets
  • minikitchen with a microwave oven, sink and bottle warmer
  • high chair
  • stroller
Available at the reception desk (in limited numbers)
  • baby stroller
  • babyphone
  • back carrier
  • bicycles with child seat and child bikes
  • night lights
  • bed rail
  • non-slip bath mat

Special bed-linens are provided in a limited number (e.g. antiallergenic bed-linens, memory foam pillows etc.). For additional information please contact our housekeeping manager at making the reservation or on the spot.

Types of family suite pluses

Our family suite pluses are uniformly equipped, however, in the different buildings there are minor differences in the layouts

  • Family suite plus in Steven House
    • In addition to the vivid child room, the spacious bathroom and the comfortable sleeping room, a connection door opens from the hall to the third room provided with a separate bathroom. Naturally, the warming kitchen provided in the family suites is a standard also here in the hall, just as the magic mood lighting in the bathroom.
  • Family suite plus in Elisabeth House
    • The family suite pluses have two levels in this building. The kid's room, the bathroom and the bedroom with a balcony and a warming kitchen corner are on the ground level from where stairs lead to the third room opening from the gallery. Just as in the family suites, the lower level of the bunk-bed of the kid's room can be converted into a baby bed, and additional baby bed can be also placed if needed.

In our image gallery, you can map the details by means of both photos and sketches.

Images and layouts– Believe your own eyes!


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“Heaven for families with small kids. A place where you can let your children run, skate, bike, shout, play and cry freely and feel good. No judgy look. All smiles, kindness and great hospitality. Slides all around. Toys and fun games all around the place. You dont know what 'kid friendly' means until you havent visited this place. What I dont like is the tons of screens around the reception. wish to see some more intelligent ways of engaging kids here as well.”

Orsi Szabó

Google, 02. November 2020

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