Opening on May 29.!

Opening on May 29.!

05. 05. 2020.

Dear Guests,
In this changing world, we will have to rebuild what we have been working on towards for 24 years. My team and I never asked for corona to happen, but now we will have to learn to take it with dignity. The gloves did (not) come off, we picked up the masks, we will keep working through the lockdown, and keep an optimistic lookout for the future.

We are re-opening the gates

on May 29.

Because we need a place where

  • where families can enjoy spending time together, not because they have to, but because they want to.
  • where they can finally feel that the world revolves around them and they can leave the daily grind behind.
  • where you no longer need to obsess about this awful situation. Turn off the news, put down the wooden spoon, forget about online classes, home office… everything.
  • where you can just be a Family together. The way you like it.

The start of a new era

  • THE HOTEL IS RENEWED. We are finally ready with lots of improvements. Fountain, slides, balance playground, renovated rooms and outdoor pools…
  • THE HOTEL LOOKS BETTTER THAN EVER. Tons of helping hands worked on every inch of the hotel during the lockdown. We cleaned, repainted, planted, weeded out, organized… everything we could.
  • WE ARE PREPARED for the new circumstances. We took new measures, while keeping the tried and tested old ones.
  • DISTANCING AND HYGENE are in focus right now.
  • In our 100.000 m2 park each person will have at least 450 m2 to themselves. Even if we won’t keep such a big distance, several activities will be always available simultaneously to avoid overcrowding.
  • We must recreate the safety of homes when disinfecting. We have always made sure to clean thoroughly enough for even a newborn to be safe. What do we trust now? Alcohol. Of course by spraying, pouring, wiping it everywhere as sanitizer. Everywhere. And of course the UV light helps as well. We have excellent staff, who constantly do this job, without anyone noticing.

Anything you can touch, we will disinfect.

Another thing to remember: touch your loved ones and your children. And enjoy having your family freely together. Because this is what we’ve been working for.

We are all waiting for you!

Csaba Baldauf hotel manager and each and every member of the team,
who cannot wait to finally be able to do what they do best again: creating experiences for families.

Find out more about our safety measures and choose one of our special offers.


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4.8 / 5


“Excellent service, great hospitality, everything is clean, great family place. They really thought about everything that kids need!”

Milica Uskokovic

Google, 07. May 2019

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