Pentecost long weekend

Pentecost long weekend

Valid: 17.05.2024. - 20.05.2024.

Pentecost long weekend

Summer is here. Let’s enjoy it!

Let’s go down the giant slide, climb to the very top of the climbing frame and drive go-karts! Sunshine, fresh air and a huge blooming park… You cannot imagine a more beautiful environment for it. After breakfast, we start the day off with some creative handicrafts, then have some fun in the pool to change things up between games. We will have the summer’s most popular entertainment programmes for schoolkids and everyone’s favourite evening shows here. 

A mini vacation chock-full of fun over a long weekend:

  • We will have traditional Pentecost food (and other meals) on the table. Meanwhile, all moms have to do is savour the flavours.
  • In Boboland, craft sessions will feature fantastic activities to make for a royal good time.
  • One, two three, laugh – uninhibited fun with Mutyi the Clown, the great jokester.
  • Bobo on your right arm, Mimi on your left shoulder. You will want a cool glitter tattoo for the evening show!
  • Parents should also have a break. Because it’s not just the privilege of kids. Musical evening at Bobo Café & Bar.
  • As the Pentecost rose… Let’s enjoy the scent during a sauna infusion session.

Extra challenges next door: interactive climbing walls, an indoor ropes course, and trampoline fields in the Adrenalin Arena of Bobo Fun Park!

  • Purchase your ticket at the best price! Package deal including a discounted, full-day family pass to the Arena, available when booking hotel rooms.
  • Would you like to decide later? You can also buy all-day tickets online in advance on the Bobo Fun Park website. Choose Adrenalin+ tickets for using the climbing walls and the ropes courses.

Our extra gift for those who book a room for the long weekend:

  • Participation in Pentecost programme series (crafts classes, clown show, puppet show, musical evening, sauna infusions, etc.)


  • Accommodation in the selected room types, with accessories for children of their age
  • Half-board, with baby- and children dinner buffet, „Empty plate, full belly” stamp collection
  • Kids’ check-in upon arrival, interactive Bobo games and mini stories
  • The game empire of Boboland with several rooms and a two-story playcastle
  • Creative arts and crafts programs, activities for kids and families to collect Bobo Bankó (Bobo money)
  • Day-care for children of the age of 1-3 in three hours per day, and in eight hours per day above the age of 3
  • Baby- and adventure-playgrounds, trampolines in the park
  • Monkey bars and hop skip jump
  • Pedal go-kart program
  • Covered family fun bath - fun pool, children's pool with slide, water playground, baby fun pool, family saunas, salt chamber
  • Calm wellness for adults only - light and sound therapy swimming pool, thermal water pool, sauna park
  • Fitness room, organized sports programs
  • Upload or download in no time – our new WIFI network will give you fantastic results on most of the hotel grounds

Bobo Fun Park’s Adrenalin Arena can be visited with separate entrance tickets! (closed on Tuesdays) Benefits for hotel guests (even for the full day of arrival or departure):

  • Package deal including a discounted, all-day family pass to the Arena, available when booking hotel rooms, or
  • All-day Arena or Adrenalin+ tickets available for hotel guests can be purchased on the Fun Park website or on the spot, which are valid for multiple entries, both for the morning and the afternoon playing slot of the given day.
  • The offer can be booked for min. 3 nights between 17-20.05.2024. (We reserve the right to make changes.
  • Bobo Fun Park entrance tickets are not included in the hotel base rate. Discounted family tickets can be selected from the extra services when booking, or tickets can be purchased on site or in advance online on the Bobo Fun Park website.
Cancellation policy:
  • 50% of the total cost of the vacation is to be paid as a deposit in 5 calendar days after confirmation (In the confirmation you may see another deadline for short-term bookings.)
  • In case of no payment the booking is automatically cancelled.
  • Accepted payment methods: by cash, transfer, bank card
  • Modification and cancellation of the confirmed bookings are possible according to the general payment and cancellation terms.

The general terms are indicative, the conditions of the given booking confirmation should apply in all cases.


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