Frequently Asked Questions - Presents and surprises

1. How can I get a greeting into Páhok Post?

In our daily hotel newspaper we will gladly post your message as well. Give greetings to your friends or family for holidays, anniversaries and other occasions! All you need to do is write to program@kolping.hotel.hu with your message and the day you would like it to be published. Please, send us your message at least 2 days before you want it published.

2. A member of our family is celebrating their birthday on the spot. / I want to surprise my significant other. What are my options?

Bouquets of flowers or a cake can be waiting for them in the room, or served at dinner (they can even be served by Bobo!) on your request. You can choose from our pre-compiled celebration packages too, and if you have any other ideas, we can also help to execute them. Please let us know about your ideas at least 3 days before the event.


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“All-round bestbuy for families with kids! You can enjoy silence and kid-sounds, if you want. Excellent wellness and luxury-level food with lots of programs for you and children- high value for money - absolutely recommended! The staff is good and look after the little things!”

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Google, 07. May 2019

  • Opening on May 29.!

    Dear Guests,
    In this changing world, we will have to rebuild what we have been working on towards for 24 years. My team and I never asked for corona to happen, but now we will have to learn to take it with dignity. The gloves did (not) come off, we picked up the masks, we will keep working through the lockdown, and keep an optimistic lookout for the future.