A generation has grown up among these tables

A generation has grown up among these tables

02. 02. 2016.
The restaurant has been renovated!

The hotel's largest restaurant has been serving us for twenty years. It was high time for a renewal. To make a long story short, this is what has changed:

  • Completely new interior space and design
  • Larger areas and comfort
  • Swifter and more comfortable service
  • Playful solutions for children
  • Air conditioning

Our returning customers are sure to be interested in the details:

Imagine our old restaurant in front of you. Only the four walls remain as they were, but in some places not even that. We have a big job behind us and an exciting time ahead of us! Starting from the middle of February this new restaurant will be the setting for culinary experiences, family meals spent together and will host a variety of entertaining events.

The kitchen servicing the restaurant has been folly renovated. Our colleagues will prepare savoury meals for the buffet tables with many new machines and in a more comfortable environment. We trust that the chef's team will cook food in a way that the tastes reveal that they work in one of the most modern hotel kitchens.

As anyone who has visited us in the summer will know, in the past one needn't visit the sauna for a bit of heat. The installation of air conditioning in the restaurant has been a burning problem for years. We have finally solved it! In fact, when replacing the doors and windows we chose technologies thanks to which we protect those sitting inside from the sun's rays, but provide a wide open view onto the magnificent Hévíz panorama.

The restaurant now awaits is guests with larger floor area and with a unique design unrivalled anywhere in the country. We have prepared a special buffet table for our smallest guests, but even entering the restaurant won't be what one would call traditional.

We have replaced all of our utensils, and all of our restaurant textiles are new. The buffet table offers breakfast and dinner on twice its previous size. Each and every new change came from years of watching our guests' movements and requests in the restaurant, and we have now finally incorporated our experiences.

Often in happens that in our restaurant it's not the food, but some sort of event which is the centre of attention. A concert, a Carnival parade, Bobo's birthday, a dance, and we could go on. In the old restaurant's layout, it proved difficult to provide ample space for these events; for them to be visible, heard and for the performing artists to move about. Thanks to the new sound and light displays, as well as the complete renewal of the interior space, the restaurant can now easily be converted to accommodate an audience.


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Kids go half price

Half the price, double the fun

4.8 / 5


“Another biggie for me...Kids Activities. They just don't end...peddal karting, swimming in/outdoor, go ape, tennis, football, craft activities, in/outdoor play areas, sand-pits, 4-5 trampolines in different locations, archery and the list goes on.”


TripAdvisor, 18. July 2017

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