Family vacation, holidays (7+ years)

School holiday? Let's go to Kolping!

A holiday with school-aged children is limited to weekends or school holidays, so making the most of the limited time is even more important. Long awaited family vacation, wellness weekend or holiday getaway? We have tons of ideas to entertain children or teenagers!

Check in here,

not just on social media. Playing starts the moment you arrive! A quick quiz on the interactive screen, and the winner gets a cash prize. From the local mint, but valuable nonetheless! Got the first Bobó Bankó (Bobo money)? Let the collecting begin! Don't miss the balance game in front of the reception. Although it is a quick trip back from the hill, the giant slide in the middle of the park will soon take you right down the reception.

Little kid, big adventure

Boboland's crafts classes and the play castle with a ball pit can be the joy of schoolchildren. In nice weather, the climbing peak, the trampoline, and the adventure playground tower await. Then, a quick round in hop skip jump, and off we go, to the pedal gokart-race! Summer is even more exciting. Our entertainer staff is doubled, and they plan activities around the clock in multiple locations every day.

Forget about your phone for a few hours!

We know how hard it is to get teenagers away from technology, so we offer some programmes that will make them give up their phones in exchange for outdoors and fresh air at least during vacation. While boys clearly prefer the artificial grass soccer field, girls would rather make trendy accessories with the animators

Vacation = to the pool!

There's no family vacation without swimming. In our aqualand, people of every age can find something to their liking. For children there's a water playground and a snake-slide, while teenagers enjoy the adventure pool and the sauna more. Want a few hours of peaceful wellness experience with your significant other? Our swimming- and thermal pools are just the place for that!

Separate room, separate living space

A holiday resort can be homey and comfortable too! In our family suites, everybody has their own space. While the parents can relax in their cozy and comfortable bedroom, the children can enjoy the separate, cheerfully colorful kid's room. We offer connecting rooms for those who are with teenagers, so not only will the teens have their own room, but their own bathroom too, for those hour-long beauty sessions.


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Kids go half price

Half the price, double the fun

5.6 / 6


“Heaven for families with small kids. A place where you can let your children run, skate, bike, shout, play and cry freely and feel good. No judgy look. All smiles, kindness and great hospitality. Slides all around. Toys and fun games all around the place. You dont know what 'kid friendly' means until you havent visited this place. What I dont like is the tons of screens around the reception. wish to see some more intelligent ways of engaging kids here as well.”

Orsi Szabó

Google, 02. November 2020

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