Loyalty Program

Kolping Hotel is not just a one-time place for a holiday. It’s a second home. A place where it’s always good to escape to, where you can freely recharge and spend time together. Our Loyalty Program is not just another scheme to collect points. It offers the convenience of home when it comes to booking. Points hold the promise of another vacation. Because you can always experience new family moments with us. And the only question is not whether you come back, but when.

Sign up now!

  • If you sign up now, you will be credited points worth HUF 1,000/2,5 EUR.
  • Upon logging in, you can get additional HUF 4,000/10 EUR worth of bonus points right away.
  • You start collecting points with your first booking.
  • All of your family’s requests for a quote and bookings in one place, in your account.

Log in when you visit our website!

  • Each vacation matters. Now you collect points for each stay booked on our website.
  • Save on travel expenses. You can use points to pay for up to 10% of the booking price.
  • More bookings, more benefits. When you level up, you get increasing discounts on bookings – even on special offers.
  • Exclusive offers under the Loyalty Program. For registered members only.

Additional benefits for regulars on site from the 4th visit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Actually, you should sign up for our Programme before spending your first stay with us. This way, you can use the HUF 1,000/EUR 2.50 worth of points you get for signing up starting with your first booking. In fact, you can even use the HUF 4,000/EUR 10 worth of bonus points you get for filling in your details after your first login.

You can still sign up for our Loyalty Programme. In fact, it’s definitely worth it. We reward those who stayed with us in the past with double points, HUF 2,000/EUR 5 worth. Upon logging in, you can even get additional HUF 4,000/EUR 10 worth of bonus points. Worth up to HUF 6,000/EUR 15, the points you receive will be available to use for your next booking.

Yes. Our long-time regulars are also welcome to sign up for our new Loyalty Programme. We will notify our regulars via email about its launch. Upon clicking the link in the email, all they have to do is set a password to sign up for the Programme. Have you stayed with us at least 3 times? Upon signing up, we reward our regulars with HUF 4,000/EUR 10 worth of points, with additional HUF 4,000/EUR 10 worth of bonus points available upon logging in. Thus, you can use up to HUF 8,000/EUR 20 worth of points for your first booking under the Loyalty Programme.

We recommend that the one family member who usually arranges for bookings sign up. The rest of the family members can be added to this account upon the first login. When booking, points can only be spent from, or credited to, the account used to log in on our website. Points in different accounts cannot be aggregated, so each family should sign up for one account.

Log in before requesting a quote on our hotel’s website or start the online booking process. This way, points will be credited to your account for each booking made. Points received for bookings become available on the day of departure; from then on, you can use them for your next stay.

Log in before requesting a quote on our hotel’s website or start the online booking process. If you have points available, upon finalising your booking, you will be automatically prompted with the option to deduct a sum corresponding to the amount of points from the total to be paid.

Under the Loyalty Programme, you will be able to start collecting points with the first booking made after signing up. Bookings made prior to sign-up are not eligible for points.

Points received for signing up and filling out your details are valid for 550 days. Points received for bookings are valid for 1 year. This means that you will have 1 year to use the points that become available upon departure for another booking. Your next stay can be at a later date. In order to redeem your points, you need to make the booking by the specified date.

If your booking is cancelled, the points used for that booking will become available again with their original validity. If your booking is changed, points can be redeemed for up to 10% of the amended total, but only those available at the time the change is made. If the points redeemed for the initial booking expire in the meantime, we will not be able to take them into account for the changed date.

Can we help? Contact us at loyalty@kolping.hotel.hu 
or call +36-83-344-143, extension 8.