Loyalty Programme – General Terms and Conditions

1. Description of the Loyalty Programme

The Kolping Hotel****superior Spa & Family Resort has created a tiered loyalty programme for its individual guests. Registration for the programme is open from 03.10.2020 on the platform created on the hotel’s website. After logging into their account, members earn points based on the value of their direct bookings. Points are credited after departure and can be redeemed on a subsequent booking. Additional discount offers are also available on the platform.

2. Who can join the loyalty programme?

Any natural person who registers on the hotel’s website by providing their name and email address and confirms their registration according to the email sent to the email address provided.

3. What benefits does it bring?

  • Registered guests create their own account where they can track their bookings and quote requests.
  • Entering family members’ details can speed up the online registration process.
  • Points are awarded for online bookings made after logging in on the hotel website. Every HUF 10,000 / EUR 25 spent is worth 1 point, which will be credited after departure.
  • When redeemed, 1 point can be used for a value of HUF 200 / EUR 0.50.
  • Points can be redeemed up to a maximum of 10% of direct bookings.
  • The Kolping Hotel periodically sends out special promotional offers to loyalty programme members.
  • Based on the combined value of all loyalty programme bookings, guests can level up in the programme. This entitles them to additional discounts.

4. User account

  • A user account can be created by entering a name, email address and password.
  • The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter and a number.
  • In case of a forgotten password, an email will be sent to the email address provided at registration, which helps set a good password.
  • Once logged in, the details provided during registration, the current level of the loyalty programme and the points that can be used are immediately visible.
  • Data can be changed at any time.
  • The account shows previous offers and bookings, as well as the total value of bookings.
  • Individual promotional offers are also periodically available in the account.

5. How to collect points

  • The guest logs into their account created on the hotel website.
  • They book the desired room type for the given period. The confirmation already includes the bonus points for the booking.
  • They pay the deposit indicated in the confirmation.
  • They arrive at the hotel and pay the remaining balance on departure.
  • After departure, we will credit the points for the stay and inform the guest by email.
  • It is also possible to invite users who have never been to the hotel before. If the invitee registers and books online, the inviter will earn an extra 10 bonus points at the same time as the points credited to the invitee on departure. The value of the points when redeemed is 10 x HUF 200 / EUR 0.50 in this case as well.

6. How to redeem points

  • The guest logs into their account created on the hotel website.
  • They book the desired room type for the given period. When making a booking, the system automatically calculates how many bonus points can be redeemed based on the value of the booking and the points available.
  • During the booking process, the system will always offer the highest point redemption that can be automatically given, which cannot be changed. However, the guest can choose not to use the points available.
  • If the guest redeems loyalty points during the booking, but the booking is later cancelled, the loyalty points can be reused with the original expiry date.

7. Loyalty programme levels and discounts

Requirements for joining Registration Online booking after registration for a minimum of HUF 1,000,000 / EUR 2,500 Online booking after registration for a minimum of HUF 3,000,000 / EUR 7,500
Points available for booking every HUF 10,000 / EUR 25 = 1 point every HUF 10,000 / EUR 25 = 1 point every HUF 10,000 / EUR 25 =  1 point
Point value 1 point = HUF 200 / EUR 0.50 1 point = HUF 200 / EUR 0.50 1 point = HUF 200 / EUR 0.50
Point validity 365 days after crediting 365 days after crediting 365 days after crediting
How many points can be redeemed? Up to 10% of the booking value Up to 10% of the booking value Up to 10% of the booking value
Booking discount rate - 1% of the booking value 2% of the booking value
Extra bonus point - extra 50 points for leveling up extra 50 points for leveling up

8. Validity of loyalty points

  • The validity of the registration points earned when joining the loyalty programme is 550 calendar days from the date of registration.
  • Points from bookings are valid for 365 calendar days after they are credited.
  • Validity applies to the use of the points, so booking must be made within the validity period specified after the points have been credited.
  • Before expiry, the system automatically notifies the guest of the time and quantity of expiring points. After expiry, points can no longer be used.

9. Duration of the loyalty programme, termination of membership

  • Registration is for an indefinite period of time.
  • Guests may opt out of the loyalty programme at any time upon request and will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.
  • If the guest has not used their account for at least 730 days: no points have been earned or redeemed, the hotel may remove the participant from the programme. In all cases, the guest will be informed in writing of this.
  • When membership is terminated, the bonus points and all data entered in the account will be deleted.

10. Other terms and conditions

  • Kolping Hotel reserves the right to change the eligibility criteria and rate of discounts in the programme.
  • Kolping Hotel reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the loyalty programme by giving 30 days’ prior written notice to the members. After expiry of the 30 days, no loyalty points can be earned and the available points can be used for a further 180 days.
  • Kolping Hotel is not liable if the user shares their account details and suffers any damage as a result.
  • Only loyalty points from one account can be used per booking, loyalty points from multiple accounts cannot be combined.

11. Protection of consumers’ interests, data protection

  • We ascribe special importance to the protection of personal data in the course of our activities. We shall in all cases process the personal data provided to us in compliance with the laws in force, ensuring their confidentiality and taking all the technical and organisational measures and developing all the procedural rules that are necessary for compliance with applicable laws.
  • Kolping Hotel has summarised its policies on data processing in a separate Privacy Policy, which is permanently available on www.kolping.hotel.hu/en/privacy-policy, and accepts to be bound by the provisions therein. The Privacy Notice for the Loyalty Programme is available at www.kolping.hotel.hu/en/privacy-notice-loyalty.
  • The notary of the village of Alsópáhok and the Zala County Consumer Protection Authority act as supervisors over the service provider’s service activities.

12. Contact us

The hotel sales team is available to assist guests with the loyalty programme.
Contact: loyalty@kolping.hotel.hu, +36 83 344 143 / extension 8

13. Service Provider’s details

  • Company name: Kolping Hotel Kft.
  • Registered office: H-8394 Alsópáhok, Fő u. 120
  • Company registration number: 20-09-062-583
  • Tax number: 11354884-2-20
  • EU VAT number: HU11354884
  • Bank account number:
    • Raiffeisen Bank Zrt, 12083600-00172699-00100001
    • IBAN: HU94 1208 3600 0017 2699 0010 0001


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