Booking.com Excellence Award - real reviews from real guests!

Booking.com Excellence Award - real reviews from real guests!

13. 01. 2015.
Kolping Hotel received Booking.com's Excellence Award for the guest reviews of 2014. Thank you very much!

For a hotel, guest reviews have an outstanding importance, and their significance is continuously increasing. Nowadays tourists can voice their opinions at several places. Before going on holiday, everybody is curious about other people's opinions about the chosen accommodation, and as we all know, on-line content has a big influence on the decision of the travellers.

One of these is the booking.com website. Did you know that only those can have a review on a hotel who actually visited it? So all of our reviews are real. You may also like to get information about the destination before travelling. You can trust Booking.com that the reviews are based on real experiences. This is why it is a great honour for us that on the basis of Your real reviews of 2014 we received Booking.com's Excellence Award.

For us, the most important thing is the satisfaction of our guests, this is why we place great emphasis upon the guest reviews. We take the opinions of our guests into consideration with our newest developments, and we do everything to make your stay memorable. We know if we succeeded from Your reviews. Have you visited us and made your booking via Booking.com? You are more than welcome to write a review and also to browse the other ones!


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4.8 / 5


“Great hotel, best choice with kids! The interior is lovely, the spa is more than fine!”

Matyas Racz

Google, 28. March 2019

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    We inaugurated our new Boboland playground in very special company, however something was missing.