Can we give you a smart phone?

Can we give you a smart phone?

07. 06. 2018.
Unlimited Internet access and free phone calls from each room and family suite - even to abroad.

Nowadays it is just natural that everyone has a smart phone. It's a routine to have them in our hands to check the weather forecast, to find the directions or to share our moments with friends. They're available 24/7. So, it is high time to send them on holiday during your vacation. We have found the perfect alternative!

We have unlimited Internet access and free phone calls for you with the handy smart devices in the rooms. Moreover, the calls are free not only inside of Hungary, but you can call your friends in all EU countries as well as Switzerland, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Israel and the US without any extra charge. Your handy is not only your help in keeping contact or entertainment. As your local guide, it shows you the way to the things to see, recommends restaurants and programmes - inside of the hotel and in the area as well.


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TripAdvisor, 24. January 2019

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