Csaba Baldauf became the new Vice President of HHRA

Csaba Baldauf became the new Vice President of HHRA

22. 11. 2018.
Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association held its General Assembly on 22 November.

The Association is one of the dominant professional organisations of Hungarian tourism and catering, and it aims to represent the interests of businesses operating in the hotel and catering industries. By its activity, the Association mainly strives for the development of an economic and regulatory environment that helps the sustainable operation and development of the businesses operating in this sector.

Our Hotel Manager, Csaba Baldauf has been playing an active role in this work for years. Since 2002, as the manager of the Balaton region, he held together and coordinated the union of local hotels and catering businesses in 5 two-year terms. From 1 January 2019, he will continue his professional work in the Association as a General Vice President, alongside President Tamás Flesch and Zoltán Hamvas Co-President Gastronomy.


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