Frequently Asked Questions – Health

1. How does the hotel help protecting the children's health?

Because of the high number of children present all year, we are mindful of the hygiene of the rooms and community spaces. In periods when there is an increased risk of viral infections across the country, we pay even more attention to prevention. Although we are doing everything we can to keep illnesses outside the hotel walls, the ever-changing visitors and the dormancy period of viruses may still lead to some people falling ill.

If we learn that a sick person is staying in our hotel, we follow the following procedure:

  • In order to protect the rest of our guests, we kindly ask them not to visit community spaces, including pools, restaurants and Boboland.
  • We immediately start sanitizing rooms and community spaces, especially door handles.
  • We gather all small toys from the playgrounds and all the balls in the indoor playground's ball pit, to prevent viruses from spreading.
  • We place hand sanitizers at the entrances of the restaurants and Boboland.
  • We notify our visitors in e-mail before arrival, in the daily guest newspaper and on posters after arrival, and ask for their cooperation in preventing the disease from spreading.

2. What to do if your child gets sick before arrival?

If there is any kind of viral infection in your family, we kindly ask you to stay home. Your deposit will not be lost, and our staff will inform you about the next suitable date for reservation.

Thank you for helping us in making the family vacation unforgettable for the more than 100 children and their parents who are staying at our hotel.

3. What to do if the child gets sick at the hotel?

If the illness appears during the family holiday, we kindly ask you not to visit community spaces for the safety of other visitors. Notify our staff at the reception, who will help you get set up with the nearest paediatrician. Thank you for your assistance!

4. Where is the nearest paediatrician?

In Keszthely every weekday, and in some days in Alsópáhok too. To find out about the current consulting hours, contact the reception.

The nearest paediatrician and hospital is in Keszthely. 12 minutes away by car.

5. In emergency, can I get medicine/bandages at the reception?

Due to the strict laws about selling medicine, the hotel cannot store and therefore cannot give out any medicine, since we cannot be sure that it doesn't cause an allergic reaction. This applies for over the counter medicine too, so we ask you to bring any medicine you might need with you. The nearest pharmacy is a 5 minute drive away, in Hévíz.

We can offer thermometers, bandages for smaller injuries and ointment and bandages for smaller burns at the reception. There is also a fully stocked first aid kit at the reception, the pool area and in Boboland.

6. Is the staff prepared for emergency situations?

In our family-friendly hotel we care a lot about the safety of the children. Even with that, in a hotel were more than a 100 children vacation with their parents every day of the year, and this number goes over 200 in peak season, small accidents are bound to happen. Therefore we organize first aid trainings for every staff member in the reception, nursery, sports animation, and restaurant to learn the most important techniques.

The main theme of the course, based on years of experience from the Airship Program's first aid trainings, is emergencies that can happen to a family with young children. The staff learns about the most common accidents that happen to children, and learns what to do with febrile seizures and burns, when and how to call an ambulance, and what to do until it arrives.

Our staff practiced life-saving techniques on special dolls, so they know how to remove foreign objects in the respiratory tracts of infants and children, and how to perform resuscitation. Uniquely to this course, our colleagues also learned three different techniques for resuscitation applicable in different age groups, and therefore practiced on dolls substituting for infants under 1 year old, children and adults, and also learned how to use the automatic defibrillator.

7. Is there a defibrillator nearby?

Yes, there is a constantly available automatic defibrillator at the reception, which our staff learned how to use in the Airship Program's special course.


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