Kolping Hotel is a 4-star one! And even better!

Kolping Hotel is a 4-star one! And even better!

06. 07. 2018.

Grading goes between 1-5, just like in school. However, we do not get grades, but stars.

The Hungarian hotels are evaluated according to unified standards by experts. In the course of the evaluation process elaborated by Hotelstars Union they examine the existence of 270 conditions. The conditions are formulated according to assessments carried out with the guests, so the result by which the travellers orientate is really helpful. 28.000 hotels in 17 countries were examined by this way. A hotel's quality is determined by the material conditions it provides - the building, room sizes, equipment, restaurants, conference halls, fitness-wellness options, elaboration, materials used, and their equipments. On the other hand, the hotel management, number of staff, qualification, politeness, etc. are also important factors.

After thorough analysis, the experts stated that Kolping Hotel had 640 points instead of the 400 needed for 4*. This exceeds the 4* superior label by 40 points.
What is needed to reach a higher level, and why not 5 stars? No doorman, we neither park our guests' cars, no shoe-leaning machines in the rooms, no guarantee that your ironing is done in 1 hour, and our reception is not air-conditioned. Among these there are ones that we still do not consider to introduce, we are happy to refine our "strong four" result. The next step for the renovations will be the reception, and a next qualification will surely bring us a much higher result.

But there are times when we like to be graded as 5: our leaving guests are asked how they'd grade us by our performance in general.
In June 2018 the average is 4.81 based on 227 guests' answers!
Our aim is still a 5!


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Kids go half price

Half the price, double the fun

4.8 / 5


“Loved our stay here! Really impressed with design and facilities particularly for children. Modern, cool design. Really comfortable. Great food! Half board was excellent.”


Booking.com, 24. April 2019

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    We inaugurated our new Boboland playground in very special company, however something was missing.