Frequently Asked Questions – Meals

1. Breakfast and dinner are included in the price, but where can we have lunch?

In the A'la Carte Restaurant, where you can choose between items on the menu or the discount daily meal (2 courses - 1.800 HUF). If you're only taking a short break from the pool to eat, our poolside restaurant is a great choice for a meal spent in bathrobes: sandwiches, pastries and the daily meal awaits. If your child is playing in Boboland, you don't have to go further than Bobo Café & Bar for a few bites.

2. What does half-board contain?

In our hotel half-boarding consists of a buffet breakfast and a buffet dinner. Included in the buffet dinner:

  • min. 2 kinds of appetizers
  • min 2 kinds of soup
  • min. 4 kinds of main course
  • min. 3 kinds of dessert
  • cheese, fruit, and salad bar

Besides the above there is always a cheese- and a fruit platter with 5-6 kinds of cheese and fruit. 12 kinds of salad can be found in the salad bar, along with various dressings, oils, vinegar etc.

3. My child has a food allergy, can meals be made for them?

(Unfortunately) we have experience handling food allergies, since many of our visitors suffer from celiac disease, lactose intolerance or egg allergy. Make a list of what they can and cannot eat, notify us upon reservation, and reach out to our chef after arrival! We will make sure that no meal has to be skipped.

4. I want a special diet. What can I get that is included in half-board?

Our cooks can help with diets other than food allergies, so you don't need to change your diet for the time of your vacation. For that, you have to indicate what diet you need when making a reservation, and meet our diet expert at your first dinner. They will help you choose suitable food from the buffet, and even prepare meals if needed. The latter might cost you extra money, the actual fees can be found in the price list.

5. I wish to choose a table for meals. Is it possible?

Of course. Find the headwaiter until 17:00 p.m. even before your first dinner in the restaurant! The reservation is reserved for the entire stay. After the reservation, the only thing you have to do is to arrive by 9:00 a.m. the latest for breakfast and by 19:00 p.m. the latest for dinner. Enjoy your meal!

6. I saw on the restaurant bill that I have to pay a service fee too. Why? Even in the self-service restaurant?

Service fees do not change our prices, since they were already included in them, they are only important for accounting. You are not paying extra.

7. We've heard about the "Empty Plate, Full Belly" program. How does it work?

The aim of our program cooperating with guests is to reduce food waste and to teach adults of the future playfully that hotel buffet meals are not equal to unlimited waste. In the restaurant we have created a special table for children where we started a seal collecting program with the involvement of kindergarten teachers and waiters. The point is simple: the seal can be gained when the plate is empty at the end of a meal. If it is empty every night, seals can be switched to a symbolic gift at the end of the stay. In the autumn of 2018 the program won the "Innovation des Jahres" award in Germany, and our idea was taken over by 60 hotels of the Familotel family-friendly hotel chain.

8. Does the hotel have room service?

We have 4 restaurants on the hotel's 10 acres, so there will always be one near you. If you wish to eat in your room, we are available for it during breakfast and lunch. Room service costs 1.500 HUF.

9. Can half-board be changed from breakfast + dinner to breakfast + lunch?

Unfortunately we cannot do that, because we only prepare our buffet for breakfast and lunch. We are sure that those who want a lighter meal during the evening can find something to their taste at our dinner buffet. If you get hungry around noon, there are several places around the hotel grounds where you can have lunch.

10. Do half-board meals come with drinks?

Drinks, that are part of the buffet breakfast are included in the price, while drinks at dinner have to be payed separately. Please verify your tab by signing your room bill before leaving the restaurant.

11. Can I pay with cash in the restaurants?

With the exception of the café next to the reception, we will send all your expenses to your room bill, which you can pay upon departure at the reception. If your room bill is paid, you can pay with card in the A' la Carte restaurant, poolside restaurant and the Bobo Café & Bar.

12. At the restaurant, we had a meal that we would also like to try at home. How can I get the recipe?

We are happy that you had a good gastronomy experience at our restaurant. Our cooks can be reached at restaurant@kolping.hotel.hu, and they are glad to help you recreate the taste of your holiday at home too.


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