One parent, double discount

One parent, double discount

05. 07. 2019.

Over 100 single-parent families may relax at discounted prices in Kolping Hotel! 

The hotel applies a discounted price for reservations received through the Single-Parent Foundation. And the Hungarian Kolping Family Holiday Foundation committed to paying 70% of the received reservations up to the value of HUF 5,000,000. That way those families where a single parent is burdened with getting funds for family trips are able to start their trip after paying a fraction of the discounted price.

During the spring registration period the qualifying vacancies were sold out within minutes. Half of all families have already returned home from the hotel full of experiences, and soon more families will depart. This is because single parents who bring up their child or children alone and are able to prove it by documents will be able to apply again on the website of the Single-Parent Center for at holiday at a discounted price.

The participants can spend two nights with half board in the hotel together with their children, which is waiting for families desiring to have a holiday in a place with a child-friendly restaurant, a play empire of several hundred square meters and an adventurous, roofed family theme bath. As special assistance for single parents, we have lots of children's programs, creative arts and crafts sessions and supervision of children.

In addition, the parents can enjoy that finally, it is them who receive help: while our qualified employees watch over the children in Bobo Land, the parents can get some relaxation. The adult wellness unit and beauty center gives some “me time” to those desiring a quiet place. The fitness room and our sports programs give a break from the treadmill of everyday life to lovers of active relaxation.

The participants so far returned from this three-day adventure recharged by unforgettable experiences. As one mother put it:
“A little bathing, sweetness of doing nothing recharged us completely, it went by quickly, but even such a short time goes a long way in pushing us out from the treadmill of everyday life. This hotel offers lots of opportunities, programs, even for single-parents families.”


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“It’s been almost 10 years when I was here last with my first child but now with my newborn 2nd child it is still guaranteed fun. There have been lot of developments though so now parents not on duty can relax separately in a quiet adult only sauna world.”

Stevie T

TripAdvisor, 03. March 2018

  • Summer vacation is over, but it is a new beginning for us...

    While at the end of the vacation, everyone says goodbye to summer, we don’t stop, not for a minute. We get into our stride in the middle of an exciting development phase.

  • One parent, double discount

    Over 100 single-parent families may relax at discounted prices in Kolping Hotel!