Frequently Asked Questions – Prices

1. The baby can hardly use anything at the hotel, why do we need to pay for them too?

Our littlest customers don't technically 'use' any of our services, but thank to our baby-friendly equipment and service packages simply feel good. The rooms and family suites are comfortable, because baby bed, baby bath and changing station are also provided. The high chairs and bibs at the restaurant are useful. The various spots where she can breastfeed in peace, and our baby foods, mashes and homemade organic purees all make the mother's life easier.

We organize baby swimming and learn life-saving techniques. We made a safe baby playground, set up a whole room at Boboland, put beach umbrellas above the baby pool, and heat the baby sauna just for them. If we take the group child-supervision into account, where the parents of the children ages 1-3 get 3 hours of free time every day, it's no question that they do get something for their money.

2. How much will the vacation cost in total?

Children have limitless energy, but parents unfortunately can't say the same about their money. Therefore we made our prices so that it's easy to plan for the total cost of the holiday: they include the unlimited use of nearly every service and attendance to any event, all year round.

Ask for an offer from our staff, or use our price calculator, and notice how we put comprehensive packages together for every member of the family. You can read our detailed list of facilities and services on our webpage, complete with the list of services that cost extra (e.g. massage, cosmetic treatments, hairstyling, coffee, lunch, drinks with dinner etc.)


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Spring break and Easter

Holiday traditions and entertainment for schoolkids

4.8 / 5


“The services for children together with the facilities and the organised programs for children let you switch off from the weekdays.”


TripAdvisor, 24. January 2019

  • The “quiet spa” will fall silent

    Shutdown between 12 September and 28 October 2022. After 28 October the silent spa will be open only during special periods, until modified.