Kolping guests can bathe in qualified thermal water

Kolping guests can bathe in qualified thermal water

04. 12. 2019.

The complex inspections started in June 2019, and as a result, we received the recognition again in December: the thermal water at our hotel got the healing water qualification for another 10 years.

When our hotel is mentioned, everybody thinks about the largest hotel playroom in the country, the versatile programs for children and meaningful family holidays first.
Less people are aware that our hotel has its own thermal well and an individual therapy section, where, besides the traditional Hévíz therapy methods, the most modern physiotherapy methods are available to our guests.

The hotel’s own thermal water has been used for balneotherapeutic treatments since the opening, this is how its beneficial effect has been discovered. In the summer of 2006 62 volunteers started testing the healing effects of the thermal water. The majority of the patients struggling with knee joint and spine problems experienced a permanent improvement after three weeks of bath therapy, so the National Chief Medical Office’s National Directorate of Health Resort and Spa declared that the water of the Mihály well was healing water.

The thermal water of the Mihály well comes from 324 meters deep, at the temperature of 34 degrees. It contains a larger amount of calcium magnesium hydrogen carbonate, making it a so-called fluoride, low sodium, sulphide (sulphur) thermal water. Inspections confirmed that it can be applied for all forms of musculoskeletal disorders, except for acute inflammatory lesions. Indications include improvement of condition after accidents and operations, and the treatment of osteoporosis, a very common disease, but even degenerative and chronic inflammatory arthritis can be treated. The water can be used to relieve the menopausal complaints, and its composition allows it to be used for drinking therapy too, making use of its laxative effect.


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