Together for a noble goal

Together for a noble goal

08. 04. 2015.
Kolping Hotel supports the goals of the Premature Saving and Children's Intensive Care Foundation also in 2015.

Kolping Hotel has already been described with several adjectives: baby-friendly, child-friendly, family-friendly, wellness, medical and conference hotel. But there is little known about the yearly charity activities of Kolping Hotel. The support of children and families is an important objective of the Hotel. In cooperation with the Magic Lamp Foundation we have tried to contribute several times to the recovery of children suffering in severe illnesses. We have supported the work of the Hungarian Baptist Aid, the Pető Institution, the Red Nose Clown Doctors Foundation, etc.

Just like last year, Kolping Hotel supports the goals of the Premature Saving and Children's Intensive Care Foundation in 2015. In Hungary, every 12th child is born as premature. Premature saving is needed when the child is born in circumstances that lack the conditions of his/her care. In this case the newborn is carried by ambulance to the closest Premature Care Unit. This activity requires well equipped, special ambulance cars, trained staff and a 24-hour readiness. In the counties of the area this task is done by the Premature Saving and Children's Intensive Care Foundation.

For Csaba Baldauf, the director of our Hotel, this case is especially important. "The centre of this activity is the saving of the premature born babies and the improvement of their chances, including children's rehabilitation and intensive care activities. This is a complex task that is impossible not to support.
The foundation had its latest fund-raising ball for a special case: the total income was given to the Newborn and Children Care Unit of the Zala County Hospital as a support of their work and of the realisation of the baby-mother house of the Hospital. The baby-mother house provides free accommodation for parents whose ill children are far away from home in an intensive care unit or in a rehabilitation unit.

Please, if you can afford, support the Premature Saving and Children's Intensive Care Foundation to enable them to help the ill little ones and their parents even more effectively.
Thank you!


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