A little hippopotamus has been born!

A little hippopotamus has been born!

26. 05. 2018.

A very delightful end of the news programmes is when they report about a birth of a little panda, elephant or giraffe.
But a hippo in a hotel?

Kolping Hotel in Alsópáhok has a hippo ever since its opening. The hotel's cabala animal even has a partner, and for some time hippo girl Mimi has been with us. The children's favourites even had a big wedding in 2016, with the participation of the guests.

And how could this fairy hippo tale continue? Yes, one more! On Children's Day in May 2018 Pikko, the hippo baby arrived. The 47-cm and 35-kg (!) baby was celebrated by the proud parents and 500 guests in Kolping Hotel at the end of Children's Day.
Concert, dance, cocktails, happiness, the hippo pram was widely amazed, and all mothers understood why those vegetables beginning with "c" were missing from the dining tables.
For the children's happiness, from now on Pikko will also be a member of Bobo Land, and everybody can peep into his little house. We can also tell you that the little hippo will have an important role in the upcoming series of the highly successful 'Tales of Bobo Land'. You can meet the hippos as drawn, you can hug them as fluffy toys, but they frequently appear among the guests as "real".

What is the point of the Bobo phenomenon? Well: tales, tales, tales. We hope that they make even the holiday better.


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