German co-manager of Kolping Hotel Werner Moritz received the ProFamiliis award

German co-manager of Kolping Hotel Werner Moritz received the ProFamiliis award

25. 05. 2017.
The German co-manager of Kolping Hotel Werner Moritz has received the ProFamiliis award.

The award ceremony took place on 25 May 2017, the first day of the Budapest Family Summit, in the framework of the Budapest Demographic Forum 2.

The prestigious award was given by the Human Resources Ministry and the state secretary in charge of families to those professionals who focus their work on the support of the families and the realisation of several social projects. Altogether 10 ProFamiliis award can be distributed yearly, so it is a great honour that one of those was given to a senior executive of Kolping Hotel.

Who is Werner Moritz, and how did he end up in Kolping Hotel, and what happened in the last 20 years?

Werner Moritz worked as a managing assistant of the Augsburg Kolping Bildungswerk for eight years, and from 2008 he supported the institutions and partner relations of the Hungarian Kolping Association and the Augsburg Kolping Organisation. The two institutions directly took part in the realisation of Kolping Hotel in Alsópáhok. Werner Moritz has been working for the common goals since the emergence of the idea of the hotel, taking a great part in the early organisational work and the elaboration of the finance. It is due to him that a series of training and conference events from Germany could be realised in the Hungarian Kolping Hotel.

Besides the start of Kolping Hotel he had an active part in the establishment of the Hungarian Kolping School network. The German expert has also done a great deal for the success of the Bavarian-Hungarian cooperation for the last three decades and for the international reputation of the family-friendly Kolping Hotel.

The hotel staff congratulates to Werner Moritz for the award, and wishes to see him as a stable background expert who supports the professional work of the hotel as well as the developments that are carried out for the families.


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