Hévíz traditional thermal has become a brand!

Hévíz traditional thermal has become a brand!

24. 07. 2015.
The hotel also received the traditional thermal therapy certification.

The thermal bath are an excellent addition to the therapy programs available in our hotel. Only a longer walk to the Spa from our hotel, which is Europe's largest warm-water lake with healing power. A special feature in addition to the unique natural spectacle is the special composition of mineral water and peat that covers the lake bed. The thermal bath culture has a healing effect legendary throughout Europe, the healing effects of thermal water attract a mass of people to the western edge of Lake Balaton. Not surprisingly, the lake was declared a Hungaricum along and with the Hévíz traditional medicine.

The Hévíz traditional thermal therapy practitioners can wear the official coat of arms; each institution, which has the due professional medical background and medical infrastructure (spa pool, weight bath, mud packing, etc) will be entitled to do so. Our hotel can proudly say that we can wear that title.

The hotel's traditionally based medical therapeutic treatments, such as the mud baths, the famous weight-bath, therapeutic massages and drinking therapy bring the thermal Lake Hévíz here. You can try all this, of course, in our beauty and health center, the Hanami Beauty & Spa.


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