Q - Sign of trust in tourism

Q - Sign of trust in tourism

13. 03. 2018.
The National Tourism Committee launched its programme Hungarian Tourism Quality Award in 2006, for which more and more hotels and restaurants compete from year to year.

Our hotel was among the first ones to receive the award in 2006, and since then we have received it on several occasions. We are proud to state that our hotel won the award again at competition Hungarian Tourism Quality Award 2017. The award distinguishes those companies who constantly make their best efforts to improve the quality, and undertake to be tested.

The special evaluation committee personally tested our hotel, and evaluated and analysed the results with the eyes of a guest and a specialist. Based on their report, we were informed that they could flexibly and quickly arrange for reservations. They could easily find us, and parked their cars near their rooms. They highlighted that their walks in the corridors were really rich in experiments due to the exacting interior design. The cleanness and the well-maintained environment were also admired. The furnishings, cleanness and functionality of the rooms also met the expectations, while the family-friendly equipment and the delicious gastronomic offer using also the raw materials of local growers were also recognised by the testers in the restaurant. Even the experienced specialists were surprised how those with food allergies were treated in the restaurant. The daily offer includes also “free” meals, undertaking thereby extra attention demanded by these special diets. After the wellness division was tried, they even looked behind the scenes. The thorough examination verified the content of the application submitted by the hotel: the Kolping Hotel won the Hungarian Tourism Quality Award. The award, which is a sign of trust, means also that the business performs within its category, and overperforms the quality requirements.

The next test will be after 3 years, which we will stand!


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“We took our 4 years old son here for 5 days, and loved everything about this hotel! It is the best hotel for children we've been to. It has a lot of indoor and outdoor areas the kids can play.”


TripAdvisor, 18. August 2019

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